The Vemiri VS3 Edition comes with the following features as standard:

  1. Vemiri Range Rover Sport body Kits
  2. Vemiri 22" Alloy wheels & Tyres
  3. Vemiri Stainless Steel Quad Rear Silencers
  4. Vemiri Front Grill
  5. Vemiri Side Vents
  6. Vemiri Door Sills
  7. Vemiri Chrome Boot Badge & Front wing Badges
  8. Vemiri Complete Colour coding of Door handles A&D Posts Tailgate Strip
  9. Vemiri Upgraded Front & rear Tail Lights
  10. Vemiri Side Running Steps
  11. Daimond cut leather stiching V & Bird in head rest
  12. Vemiri Steering wheel
  13. Carbon Fibre Bonnet
  14. Vemiri Reverse Camera
  15. Vemiri Door Puddle Lights
  16. Vemiri Power Upgrade

Colours combinations available in this edition:

  1. Rustic Orange & Black
  2. Zermatt Silver & Matt Grey
  3. Complete Java Black
  4. Complete Zermat Silver